Polly Bar

Meet Hazel – Polly’s first Barrel House Blend

Polly's House Blend (PHB) is a program of barrel ageing and blending spirits to create a singular, limited, unique offering which is served on its own or with a mixer. The idea is based on appreciation for the huge amount of time, effort and skill that has gone into making each product we sell, and presenting it in a new light.   This is distinct from barrel ageing classic or original cocktails. PHB is primarily concerned with creating new ways for guests to experience spirits. Carefully selected, high-quality spirits, amaros and liqueurs are paired, then barrel aged for up to 4 weeks. The resulting blend is then drawn from the barrel and sealed until called for.   The blend typically coalesces into a smoother, much more integrated version as the spirits rest in the barrel....

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Meet The New Whisky Arrivals

We have been slowly adding to our back bar of whisky over the last month and while there are too many products to mention we decided to touch base and let you know of some of the rare gems that we have recently added. These new additions include everything from local once off bottles, to new age whisky from India, moonshine and premium Japanese whisky.   Dave, Polly’s bar manager has tasted all these drops over the last week and has also provided some tasting notes for his favourites.   In addition to adding new whiskeys to the back bar we have also re-imaged our whisky classes, now with 7 to choose from. From classes that are ‘Straight from the Barrel’ exploring whisky in its purest form, ‘Aussie As’ celebrating some homegrown heroes, and...

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